Tuesday, 10 May 2011


In this blog, I am going to share my experience and findings with my understandings. The focus point of this blog is religion. The topic that I want to take off with, is about the ongoing debates between science and religion.

Everyone in this world is unique. We make decisions according to our experience, knowledge and personality. The reality of life is not the same for everyone. So we should not judge others with our views of things. But still, everyone knows the distinction between right and wrong. For me, i think, It's better to share and discuss. We all do mistakes, as well as, we also learn from our mistakes( it depends on the person) but there is no certainty that we will not do the same mistakes(intentionally or unintentionally) again.

Let's talk about the naming of the blog first. I think, we get confuse about something only when, we understand things in a wrong way or not have enough information which is true. But, when we learn the truth, we overcome our confusion, thus, we start seeing things clearly. This understanding is one of the reasons behind the naming of this blog as "Truth Brings Light".

In my next post, I will start with my topic. In the meanwhile, lets prepare ourselves such a way, that, we can acknowledge the truth, when we find it. 

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