Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Simple questions to everyone.....

I will kick off the topic with asking two simple questions?
  1. What do you think about Religion ?
  2. What do you think about Science ?
To me, both religion and science, is all about knowledge, which helps us to make our life easy and simple. While science is trying to find out answers about, how everything works around us and, how we can use our knowledge of things in best possible way.

On the other hand, religion gives us answers about the ways of life. It's a knowledge which teaches us about right and wrong. It tells us about the responsibilities we have  as a human being. It tells us about THE CREATOR. It tells us about how everything come to existence. It tells us the history of mankind. If you have no idea about religion, then, I will suggest you to study and see for yourselves. But, if you are too much arrogant that you don't care to know, then do whatever you like. When you will face the truth; you will see it by yourselves. 

If science is developing our life outwardly then religion is developing our ways of life inwardly or we may say spiritually. So, science is making our life conformable while religion is telling us, how to lead it properly. Now the question is; Where is the conflict ? Where is the problem ? who are responsible for the confusion? what is the truth ?

I will try to give my answers about these questions in my next post...before that, I would like to give you some time to think.


  1. gud thought abt finding truth!!! well written!!!
    we human being have lots thing for which we fight juss for no reason but here religion stands for faith n science stands for d answer :)

  2. thanks for the comment.I just want to write about these things because i saw a kind of hatred between people about this matters.I think we should search for answers for questions which is in our mind.We shouldn't be arrogant.We should help each other to find the truth...because only truth holds..:)