Friday, 17 August 2012

Society effects in our life.....

We all live in different societies. Every society has it's own traditions and ways. The more you travel the more you know about the differences and similarities which dazzled us in ways. In these traditions there are some good and some bad while some others are worst of kinds.

From experiences we learn. We do mistakes but we also learn from those. Thus, we change our mistakes in better ways. All the people who existed and those who live now and those who may live in the future are all different people. Everyone lived or lives or will live their life individually. But, everyone of us makes choices and decisions which changes our ways of life in times.

Most of us started our life living in a family, from where, we came to know, how our parents are following their lives. They tell us what to do and how to live our life but in time when we meet other people, we come to know other things which may be new and different. In educational institutions, we get information of many fields of studies from those we choose what we like or sometimes we are forced to choose on or biased to choose one that we may don't even like. It can be from our parents or from the view of other peoples or from fear. But, whatever the reason may be, at the end of it, we still try to cope with our life.

Whatever decisions we may make either independently or by force or by fear or because of biased society, we face the consequences, which may make us angry or depressed or sorry or happy when make the right decisions. But, whatever may be the outcome, we have to make more choices to continue. And, there comes to play what we learned from the past.

Our religious knowledge also starts from the family mostly. Then we see, what other peoples are doing in the society we live in. And, when we have the opportunity to meet people from other societies, we came to know about them too. But, whatever it may be, we all have a conscience through what we feel inside and know what is right and what is wrong. What we all need to do, is to look and see and, to think a while. After that, whatever decisions we may make, we are responsible for it and we also have to face the consequence of our decisions throughout our lives. The decisions my family may have made or the society may have made or they other peoples from other societies may have, does it really matter ?? Because, every single one of us have to make our own decisions for which we bear consequences. My parents doesn't live the life i am leading, the society don't live the life that i am leading, other people from other societies doesn't live the life that i am leading. All that they do is talk, and they lead their own life. They all face their consequences individually while i face mine. So, when we choose our way is there any slot to say that, I made this decision because what i have seen others to do or my family, while, we do know the truth what we are doing!!

All of the things being said, the question is, do you care to know ?? to learn ?? to verify the truth ?? to do the right thing ?? If you really care about GOD you will seek him, you will try to know about him, you will try to learn about him and what He said and you will try to get as much information as you can and then, you will also use your conscience to see what is this all about. Now, ask yourselves these questions for once and then see what you have done. If you really do care to know about GOD and what he said, then you will not care about what people may have done before or doing now by using his name. You will try to know for yourselves what is the truth. People have need that they want to fulfill and they have fear to lose something and they may be living in ignorance completely. Now, do you want know or not, it's up to you. Just one thing, whatever decision you may make, Remember, at the end of it you are responsible for it and You have to face the consequence for it. And, another thing, we all make mistakes but when we come to know about our mistakes, Shouldn't we try to correct it ???