Monday, 16 May 2011

The Answer of the simple question from my observation...

If you have read my previous posts then, you have already known about the simple question. But anyway, i am going to write the question again. Why there is an ongoing fight between religion and science when both of them is trying to help us to find the truth ??? 

In my last post, i have given two links to show the scenario. In the past, laws were provided through religious people or kings or peoples in power. But the fact is, those who tried to provide it through religion, they might have not considered that they can do mistakes understanding the meaning of the messages of God. So, because of their lack of understanding about the messages they imposed some laws( In the name of God,not taking the authority themselves nor pointing out that they may do mistakes while providing it ) which was not right and true.The problem was not only with the laws but the way they published it; and that's when, i think they did the biggest mistake which actually caused this fight to start. I don't know whether they did this mistake intentionally to keep people under their control or they did it because their lack of understanding or knowledge. But another problem that arose later was more severe than the previous one.They became arrogant of what they had imposed earlier even though that might not be right; and they started forcing other people to follow it. So eventually, sometimes because of their arrogance or sometimes for the lust of power and wealth or because of the fear of loosing their place, they tried to hide the actual truth while insisting the wrong one to be imposed.

The point is...these problems began because of these peoples not because of the religion.

The messages of God is only truth, which give us knowledge about our life, the purpose of our life and to develop internally, so that, we can live in Peace and Harmony. Many of these teachings help us in every step of our life. But when these people tried to change or hide the truth...intentionally or unintentionally; and then, arrogantly forced it upon others to follow what "They thought",the problems started to grow more and more...

At that time, also most of the people were uneducated so they didn't even understood what they were doing and why they were doing it. They just followed these people because they thought these people were showing them the right path or way which was also seemed to be much easier but the fact is..the right path is in the true messages not with these people. Because of the lack of education and knowledge, they didn't even thought about asking questions to these people because they were afraid of it while knowing it inside that, what they are doing might not be the right thing to do.

On the other hand, the people who were always looking for answers ,mostly scientists, started to discover many things which started to raise questions for those people who already tried to change the truth or hide the truth because of their arrogance and ignorance. For saving their position and power in the society, these people started to fight against the science and scientists. The fact is..if those people didn't try to change the truth or hide it or considered that, they might have done mistakes understanding the message, there wouldn't be any problems to begin with.

Now, about the science.When some scientists give some theory or discovery about something, it doesn't mean that it's absolutely correct. Because, if we know about the history of science then we already knew that there was a lot of theorys and discoverys in the past which was not correct. Later-day's scientists find out a lot of things which is completely different than what the scientists found in the past. But the scientists who were in the past, actually, started the research even-though their findings might be wrong. it's never possible to say in science that this is complete because may be in the future, we will find-out something which is completely different from what we have found before. 

Now-a-days another problem has surfaced. Those people in the past have already lost their powers because of there own mistakes while on the other hand the science and the scientists gained the popularity and position. So why there are still problems..??? 

Again, the problem is arrogance. Now the scientists have became arrogant!!.I have already wrote about science and it's versatility in this post. Scientists are now trying to show religion in a bad way when they have never even tried to see what God actually said or they didn't even tried to verified the messages while calling them scientists( Not all ). The thing the scientists are also started to hide the truth because of their arrogance and sometimes because of their inability of understanding about the Greatness of God and his messages, but not all of them. So, now there is a ongoing fight between scientists as well. In my last post, the link of the Documentary shows exactly that. Well, trying to find the truth for somebody else is not the job of the scientists or scholars. It's a job for all of us and only God holds the power of guidance. All of us should try to find out the truth and study because nobody can change or hide the truth. Whatever way someone might have tried or try to hide the's not going to work. Because truth will always come out, it's just a matter of time, when it's going to resurface but are we prepared for it !!!!.

So, if we continue following religion blindly without studying or without trying to learn or understand or asking questions, whether the people who are called scholars or religious leaders are right or wrong, then, we will be causing problems for ourselves as well as for the future generation too.  

And, If we become arrogant and start believing in science only, by rejecting religion, then we will never be able to find the truth even if it's in-front of us ; and we have to face consequences for our arrogance surely.

Now , you have to think about what you should do....i think, it's better to start thinking..!! 

In my next post, i will try to point out some facts of the social structure we have and how it's affecting in our religious beliefs and life....                            

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A bit of Information about the ongoing fight between Science and Religion...

I am writing this section because, one of my friend asked me to provide some history and information about the topic so that it would be much easier to understand the scenario. I think he is right. Before i give my answer about why this battle between science and religion is going on, i have decided to put some information and also a bit of history about this battle.

This is a link where you can read a bit of history :

Here is a link of a documentary about the recent situation of this matter. : 

You can find a lot of information about this matter but i thought this two links will be enough to explain why i started writing this topic. I will answer the question in my next post. ;)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Simple questions to everyone.....

I will kick off the topic with asking two simple questions?
  1. What do you think about Religion ?
  2. What do you think about Science ?
To me, both religion and science, is all about knowledge, which helps us to make our life easy and simple. While science is trying to find out answers about, how everything works around us and, how we can use our knowledge of things in best possible way.

On the other hand, religion gives us answers about the ways of life. It's a knowledge which teaches us about right and wrong. It tells us about the responsibilities we have  as a human being. It tells us about THE CREATOR. It tells us about how everything come to existence. It tells us the history of mankind. If you have no idea about religion, then, I will suggest you to study and see for yourselves. But, if you are too much arrogant that you don't care to know, then do whatever you like. When you will face the truth; you will see it by yourselves. 

If science is developing our life outwardly then religion is developing our ways of life inwardly or we may say spiritually. So, science is making our life conformable while religion is telling us, how to lead it properly. Now the question is; Where is the conflict ? Where is the problem ? who are responsible for the confusion? what is the truth ?

I will try to give my answers about these questions in my next post...before that, I would like to give you some time to think.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


In this blog, I am going to share my experience and findings with my understandings. The focus point of this blog is religion. The topic that I want to take off with, is about the ongoing debates between science and religion.

Everyone in this world is unique. We make decisions according to our experience, knowledge and personality. The reality of life is not the same for everyone. So we should not judge others with our views of things. But still, everyone knows the distinction between right and wrong. For me, i think, It's better to share and discuss. We all do mistakes, as well as, we also learn from our mistakes( it depends on the person) but there is no certainty that we will not do the same mistakes(intentionally or unintentionally) again.

Let's talk about the naming of the blog first. I think, we get confuse about something only when, we understand things in a wrong way or not have enough information which is true. But, when we learn the truth, we overcome our confusion, thus, we start seeing things clearly. This understanding is one of the reasons behind the naming of this blog as "Truth Brings Light".

In my next post, I will start with my topic. In the meanwhile, lets prepare ourselves such a way, that, we can acknowledge the truth, when we find it.