Friday, 2 March 2012

Some facts We Should Consider

The world is busy, and changing around us so fast that, sometimes, it's really hard to cope with it. We are living in a time where, information is open and easy to get. But, one small thing, that we forget the most is, exactly what answer are we searching or what question is inside our mind that driving us to seek for a answer ??

You can surf internet or go anywhere to get as much information as you want but information can only give you answer only when you are sure about the question in your mind. When you know, what you are looking for exactly then, it takes less time to get the right info and at the same time the info start working for you right away.

If we look at science and how it has developed, we will see this very fact, always. There are specific questions for which we are trying to get answers. In all the fields of science, we have seen the basic is observation about how it works and then, when we find a general formula which works with the variables we implement it to fulfil our needs or requirements. Until the formula works, we consider that there is something missing with the information, so we keep looking and try to find out, what is the missing link?? While doing so, sometimes, we find that the whole scenario of understanding was built in wrong basis or there was a basic mistake of observation on the approach. That's why so many times, in the history of science, we have found that, a lot of scientists have done mistakes because of doing mistake at the point of observation of the scenario they were working with or may be because of the lack of information they had at their time.

Now, my question is, Do we really do the same?? when we think about religion?? Do we consider religion even for once, as a source of Knowledge, not only some laws or regulations ?? As far as i have find never happened that way. In the case of religion, we try very often to verify about what peoples are saying concerning religion or religious rules and regulations etc, either if these are true or false or a mixture of it or from where these things are coming from(the source) and then try to verify from the source itself or even may be the source itself need to be verified !! Whatever religion you are following, you need to do it by yourself. Have you really ever consider asking the question to yourself that, what exactly are we following or doing or why we are doing these ?? which is the source of all the things that we are following ?? Is it right or wrong what we are doing ?? in simple ...Have we ever tried to find the answers of these questions ?? Are we doing it because we have seen our parents doing it ?? or is it because of some people, who are called religious leaders are saying it ??? Wait a minute!! all of us lead individual life. We face problems individually and we try to change our state of situation by individual work of solving the problems of our life. One questions to you all...Have you ever read the scripture( the source) that you are following ??? Do you really want to know about God and what he Told us to do ?? How are you going to know about God or what he told you to do, while you have never even read his messages ?? In simple,have you ever done some religious studies ?? ......

A lot of people are talking about religion now-a-days while they have no idea what is written in the scriptures or not even have a single clue what religion is !! Before, i continue any more, i would like to request you, for once, consider asking yourself these questions and see what answers you do really have...

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  1. So true. Regardless to whom you choose to follow, you should always do your homework and read any information for yourself. We should also take the responsibility when things go wrong instead of blaming others.
    Nice Post.